The Laurel Manor is a housing cooperative in Santa Cruz. We are dedicated to gardening, living cooperatively, and helping aspiring gardeners in our community through grassroots workshops. Food Not Lawns chapters around the country are centered around community involvement in agricultural activism, from the simple symbolic act of tearing up your lawn (think resilience, self reliance, water usage), to swapping and saving seeds (think monsanto, barter, flowers:), we are exploring our relationship with the food we eat and the people we love.

Our home has become an affectionate venue for live music, fundraisers, workshops, potlucks, and art galleries. Feel free to contact us via email with proposals for an event at our home. These events may not be publicly posted on

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facebook. Please do not contact us to help you de-weed your garden. We are a home, not a non-profit and we do not offer free labor.

An awesome Food Co-op which has just begun at Cabrillo College in Aptos in the last year may be what you are looking for!

We offer workshops at our house which will be listed on the calender and we are into interesting trades, swapping seeds or cultures, sharing cuttings of resilient trees and such like things.

Enjoy our page =)


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